Historical Sites in Bangkok

Many historical sites in Bangkok are available near Chao Phraya river. To get there, you can take BTS train to Saphan Thaksin station (Silom Line) where there is a connection with boat services (Sathorn Pier) where you can board public boat, express boat or you can even go on tour boat and enjoy the scenery along Chao Phraya river. On one weekend in Bangkok, I went to Memorial Bridge Pier and walked to the nearby town. Attractions in this area, among others, are Pharurat Market, Wat Ratburana and Rama I Memorial Center.

Public boat service is not bad at all and cheap!

While on boat, you can enjoy the scenery along the river.

Wat Ratburana

For Muslim travelers, there is a halal food stall near Pharurat Market. To get to the food stall you need to find India Emporium. The stall is located at the back of the emporium and the easiest way to get there is of course through the emporium’s back door. Turn to your left after you exit the emporium through back door and you will find the stall. For other halal food restaurant in Bangkok, click here.

Halal food stall behind India Emporium.

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